Mary Schroeder and Anne- Julia Neumann are Hopscotch- a circus company featuring handstands, hula hoops, and hair buns.


Mary and Anne met each other at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (Esac), where they trained side by side for 3 years. During their second year of school they were randomly paired together to work on a collective project and during this time they discovered the technical possibility of combining their related specialties. The ultimate hula hoop game was born, and they became obsessed with finding new ways of challenging each other.

"Catch you later"

This number explores the relationship between two very different girls connected by the unique hula hoop challenges they set up for themselves on stage. Their exuberance for the games they play brings them closer together as they celebrate success and laugh at their failures. 

With their joyous, magnetic energy, the girls play to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with a game of catch they have never seen before.


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July 2018                                 "Espace Catastrophe" - Brussels, Belgium

September 2018                       "La Roseraie" - Brussels, Belgium

November/ December 2018        "Espace Catastrophe" - Brussels, Belgium


April 2018               Festival Hopla Carte Blanche - Brussels, Belgium

Mai 2018                 Las Bobinas Cabaret - Zulte, Belgium

December 2018       Ex-Périmentations XXIV of Espace Catastrophe - Brussels, Belgium


20.03.2019                 Midis Minuits de la Jongle'rue - Leuven, Belgium

30.05.2019                 Sortilège Rue et Vous - Ath, Belgium

31.05 & 01.06.2019     Festi'Nam - Namur, Belgium