upcoming events

20.03.2019                 Midis Minuits de la Jongle'rue with Hopscotch - Leuven, Belgium

22.03.2019                 Open Stage of ULB - Brussels, Belgium

03.04.2019                 Cabaret organized by Circokot - Leuven, Belgium

30.05.2019                 Sortilège Rue et Vous with Hopscotch - Ath, Belgium

31.05 & 01.06.2019     Festi'Nam with Hopscotch - Namur, Belgium



La Tournayante - Mû


2014     Newcomer Festival - Potsdam, Germany

            Gala - Weißwasser, Germany

            LSB Gala - Cottbus & Rathenow & Wittenberge, Germany

2015     Opening show for an international TeamGym competition - Munich, Germany

2016     Catwalk to Rio of Dragone - Brussels, Belgium

            Collective with Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski (“Pas de 2 chez soi“)

2017     Collective with the Cheptel Aleikoum and Christian Luca (“Joue contre Joue“ in Les Halles de Scharbeek)

2018     Festival Hopla Carte blanche (Duo act "Catch you later") - Brussels, Belgium

            Las Bobinas Cabaret with Hopscotch - Zulte, Belgium

            EXIT 17 in Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Solo act, end of studies in Esac) - Brussels, Belgium

            CRECE of Carampa in Cir&Co and Price - Avila & Madrid, Spain

            Ex-Pérmientations XXIV of Espace Catastrophe with Hopscotch - Brussels, Belgium

2019    Las Bobinas - Zulte, Belgium

           Lab with Compagnie Kiai - Verdun, France